Tax compliance

General tax advisory

We take care of making sure fulfilment of your tax obligations runs like clockwork. We keep you up-to-date at all times, avoiding any unwelcome surprises during tax inspections. And if necessary we represent your interests in tax court proceedings.

Management support

When running a business, decisions need to be made every day, and often under time pressure. Even when they will have significant ramifications. For the authorities, too, time-critical decisions and deadlines play a significant role. We provide you with the information that counts in every situation, so you can act quickly and with confidence, enabling you to devote adequate time and attention to your core business.

Start-up advice

The first step is always the hardest, but it’s often the most important. We help you give your business the best possible start, and support you when working with the authorities and other service providers.

Indirect taxes/VAT

EU member states are permitted to define certain aspects of VAT regulations individually, in national tax law. Consequently, countless questions can arise. What is the VAT situation – does tax need to be charged? If so, in which countries? What VAT rate should be used, and are there any exemption rules that could apply? We can answer all of your questions. 

Global indirect tax group

Our Global Indirect Tax Group comprises a worldwide network of specialists who focus exclusively on advice in this area, covering VAT, customs and excise duties and international trade law. We have experts in almost every country in Europe and in every major commercial centre in the world, so that wherever you operate, we can work closely with you to ensure you fulfil your indirect taxation obligations correctly.

Corporate taxation law

Different tax regulations apply to companies and corporate groups depending on their legal form. We help you to navigate the complexities of corporate taxation, providing comprehensive support for tax inspections and declarations to tax authorities. We also assist you in working out the ideal organisation of your business for tax purposes, and overcoming tax-related challenges to achieve the best outcomes.

Transfer prices

Transfer prices have a key role to play in every business that operates internationally. They relate to the provision of goods or services from one part of a company to another, as well as financing transactions. They extend to reorganisations within the group, for example outsourcing individual functions. We offer seamless, international support covering advice on all aspects of transfer pricing. 

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