M&A tax

Business and wealth succession

Each stage in the life of a business brings its own particular challenges. The earlier planning begins, the more flexibility you have when structuring succession. Our legal and tax advice always includes consideration of the commercial environment. We also take into account any questions regarding financing, the requirements and interests of the business owner, and the expectations of stakeholders including management, staff, suppliers, banks and investors. 

Our expertise

  • Legal advice
  • Tax advice
  • Valuation of properties
  • Valuation of companies

Transactions and structuring

Accurate tax planning plays a vital part in the management of any international business. Tax and legal issues related to the acquisition or disposal of companies or equity holdings, or regarding reorganisations, are invariably interconnected. We partner you through the entire process, and we include consideration of a range of issues such as retention of tax loss carryforwards and identifying and mitigating transfer tax and excise duty risks.

Our expertise

  • Tax due diligence and risk evaluation
  • Assessment of contractual provisions with tax consequences
  • Communication with tax authorities

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