Which external requirements - IT compliance - does corporate IT have to meet today and tomorrow? How can potential risks and threats be identified at an early stage and what are the correct answers? Mazars takes you through the digital transformation with customised IT audit services.

The development of information technology (IT) is progressing at a rapid pace and now pervades all business processes of a company. The generation and networking of data provides new opportunities, but also involves new risks. Ensuring the security and reliability of systems and services as well as the duty to meet a seemingly unmanageable number of external requirements (IT compliance) presents major challenges to corporate management and IT governance.

Whether IT governance, IT compliance or IT risk management: At Mazars you have the right experts to explain the complex interrelationships and work with you to develop and implement customized strategies.

  • IT-Governance
  • IT-Compliance
  • IT-Risk management

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