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We would also like to update our English speaking clients on a quarterly basis about the most recent developements in tax matters and any related topics.

Expansion of tax benefits for employer-funded public transport tickets

Effective 1 July 2021 the “Jobticket” scheme has been expanded, with the introduction of the “Öffi-Ticket” (public transport pass) benefit. This means that from 1 July 2021 weekly, monthly and annual public transport passes are tax exempt, as is reimbursement of costs for employees.

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Covid-19 support measures and short-time working extended

Shortfall bonus, loss compensation, hardship fund and short-time working claims can in some cases be made up to the end of the year.

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Amended Anti-Wage and Social Dumping Act

Changes to the EU’s Posted Workers Directive entered into force on 1 September 2021. Penalty provisions have also been amended, so that fines will not be imposed “per employee”.

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Interest must be applied to positive VAT balances due to taxpayers

Under EU law, entities that have to wait for overpayments of VAT to be reimbursed are entitled to interest, according to a recent judgment handed down by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

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Sales of land by non-profit associations

Profit from disposal of plots of land by non-profit associations is subject to property income tax, even when the proceeds of the sale help to finance an association’s tax-privileged purpose.

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Mandatory annual reporting to the Register of Beneficial Owners

The Austrian Register of Beneficial Owners was established to help prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. It contains data on the beneficial owners of private partnerships and corporations, foundations and trusts. The data must be regularly verified, otherwise a company can incur fines.

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