Company and asset succession

Every phase of life involves special challenges: Foundations, investment decisions, donations, successions, wills... The earlier planning begins, the more flexible are the design options. Our experts will be happy to take time and give you comprehensive advice.

Questions relating to inheritance and tax law as well as valuation law need to be answered on a cross-disciplinary basis. Comprehensive and timely planning plays a major role in this and contributes significantly to the feasibility of the corporate generation change.

In addition to legal consultation, our advice also focuses on the general economic conditions, financing issues, the needs and interests of entrepreneurs and their families, as well as the expectations of management, employees, business partners, the banking sector and investors. In order to achieve good results with these complex design issues, our teams consist of tax experts, specialist business lawyers and auditors where required. In this way you obtain tailored, tax-optimised solution concepts. Our consulting spectrum: 


In addition to many family and psychological aspects, the following subject includes a broad spectrum of topics. It is the interface of inheritance law as part of civil law and inheritance tax law.


Of course, inheritance and gift tax play an important role in all succession planning from the start.

However, it is also important to bear in mind the income tax burden in the event of inheritance. This is to be avoided with good advice. It is therefore important to recognise tax arrangements such as business split-offs and special assets and to ensure that the respective assets do not lose their status as business assets even in the event of inheritance. Even within the framework of inheritance distributions, hidden reserves may be disclosed if the assets are not distributed among the heirs in accordance with the inheritance quotas. Of course, when real estate is transferred, land transfer tax also plays a role which we monitor on your behalf.


The tax valuation of an asset is decisive for any tax burden. Significant differences already arise in the valuation of real estate and companies. Our interdisciplinary holistic consulting is indispensable for a successful conception and smooth implementation of a company succession.


Our specialists have advised numerous successful business successions and supported their implementation. We are familiar with this particularly sensitive situation and impart our broad range of experience in an understandable, human manner and with the necessary knowledge of the interrelationships. Our smooth interdisciplinary cooperation between tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, corporate and IT consultants, corporate finance specialists and real estate valuers has proven successful.


We value your company using the current and relevant corporate valuation methods. In this context, we work closely together with our colleagues from Corporate Finance & Consulting.

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