Being able to emerge from a crisis stronger than before, with a solid, future-oriented financial and corporate structure, requires a comprehensive approach as well as special expertise. Our services cover all the steps necessary for restructuring – from the analysis, the creation of financial transparency, the development of a restructuring concept right through to the implementation of restructuring measures.

The best business management skills, experience in handling complex legal situations, frequently the ability to refocus on a company’s core strengths and always to find individual, tailored solutions: these are the basics for a successful restructuring. Our services cover all the steps necessary for restructuring. Even under extreme time pressure, which is usually the case in times of crisis, our experts make sure that action can be taken.

For cross-border situations, our clients can benefit from the knowledge of the restructuring experts in the international Mazars partnership. We are conversant with the prevailing conditions in the countries concerned and provide companies with comprehensive and reliable solutions under one roof.

We offer you the following services relating to restructuring:

  • Assuming the tasks of the finance department in case of crisis (liquidity management, corporate planning)
  • Drawing up restructuring concepts
  • Interim assumption of managerial/board functions as the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) in case of crisis/restructuring

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