Financial statements and tax declarations

The intervals at which companies have to report on their financial development, the scope of such reporting and when financial statements have to be prepared is regulated by law.

Regardless of how your financial accounting is organized, we help you to prepare information about your financial performance, financial position and cash flows as efficiently as possible. That way, we guarantee that the information is reliable, whenever you need it.

If you request it, we prepare your financial statements in accordance with the Commercial Code (HGB), IFRS or other local standards, and create the basis for your tax  returns in accordance with tax law requirements. If your annual financial statements are audited by an external auditor we can, upon request, advise and support you in these matters as a partner on an equal footing.

For companies that have a statutory requirement to publish their annual financial statements, we can take over responsibility for correct submission to the relevant commercial register court. In addition to your corporate tax returns, we also arrange the data transmission of the electronic tax balance sheet ("e-balance sheet") to the tax office. 

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