English Business News 03/2022

We would also like to update our English speaking clients on a quarterly basis about the most recent developements in tax matters and any related topics.

Mazars Central and Eastern European Tax Guide 2022

For the tenth time, Mazars published its regional tax guide, which presents snapshots and comparative charts of the tax systems of 22 CEE countries for 2022.

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The inflation relief package at a glance

In June 2022, the National Council approved an inflation relief package. This includes numerous measures to cushion inflation.

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Adjustment of family benefits to foreign price level contrary to EU law

Since 2019, family benefits for children living in another Member State were to be adjusted to the cost-of-living index in that country. This affected EU citizens who work in Austria and whose children live in other EU countries. In a recent ruling, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has now determined that this indexation violates European law. Austria must refund the reduced amounts to those affected.

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Energy communities according to the Renewable Energy Expansion Act

Due to the Renewable Energy Expansion Act, it is also possible for entrepreneurs to join forces with other participants across property boundaries to jointly use energy by establishing energy communities.

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