Public sector

Harmonizing unique features.
Unique aspects of the public sector.

Public administration, as well as outsourced public-sector operations, universities, research institutions and local authorities, face numerous challenges. A defining theme of ongoing management is the obligation to enhance efficiency and to ensure greater transparency. In this context, the need to achieve greater economic efficiency has now become central.

These are all particular characteristics which need to be optimally combined. Each component requires in-depth knowledge, and each is part of our core expertise. It is not for nothing that, in the public sector, we rank among Austria's leading consultancy firms.

Our wide range of services, in three words.

specialized. informed. personalized.

  • Handling spin-offs
    Setting up separate organizations.
  • Auditing statements of account for national and European funding programmes 
    Efficiency and many years of experience in FLC, SLC and other audits.
  • Auditing annual financial statements
    We are specialists in public sector audits.
  • Business management audits
    Auditing processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • VRV 2015 (local government accounting regulation) for local authorities
    Support in introducing the new accounting system.


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